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H. Price Prazar, a Rochester area professional antiques appraiser and teacher will be at the Canandaigua Classic Antique Show to examine antiques and collectibles and offer a verbal value of treasures that belong to show attendees.  Each item’s appraisal costs $6.00 and there’s a suggested limit of four items.  Books are two for $6.00. A portion of each appraisal supports the show.

The February show appraisals take place from 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.  How does this work?   It will be very simple - just “take a number.”  Printed numbers for appraisals will be available in the appraisal area earlier in the day.  You can pick one up, browse the show, and return it for your appraisal.  Seating will be provided and while you wait you’ll be able to watch the other appraising. 


        Remember, if you own something you think may be valuable, the first thing to do is to do nothing – don’t tamper with it, or remove any marks.    In general, the value of an item depends on these criteria: age, rareness, condition, attractiveness, and how widely collected it is.

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